YG611E sun exposure and weathering tester
YG611E sun exposure and weathering tester SPEC

YG611E sun exposure and weathering tester

Product Information 
Brand: inteke

Model: YG611E

It is used for the color fastness to light and weathering, photo aging test to the colored materials such as various colored textile, leather, artificial leather, plastics and so on.
Standards: GB/T8427-1998, GB/T8429-1998,GB/T8430-1998,ISO105-B02,ISO105-B04 Standard etc.
1. Mitsubishi programmable logic controller (PLC) control, make sure of dependable operation and anti-jamming capability. 
2. Colorful LCD touch screen, set parameters directly, convenient operating. 
3. Rated 2500w long arc xenon lamp technology adopted to simulate sunlight spectrum with the industry temp control (refrigeration) system and ultrasonic humidifying system, accurate and stable control over temp. and humidity inside the cabin is possible.
4. Core chips imported by temperature, humidity and irradiance sensor, precise control of temperature, humidity and irradiance. 
5. Easy and convenient to do sample tablets and light filter replacement 
6. Use a water filtration device filters cleaning convenience. Spray can facilitate the flow regulation size. 
7. More monitoring, if the water level is too low, winds temperature is too high, it would give out alarm and stop working automatically, thus ensuring the safe and reliable equipment Work.
Technical index:

Power source

AC220V  50Hz  5KW

Light source

Air-cooled xenon arc lamp  2.5KW

Strength of illumination

Digital hypothesis, energy ,automatic compensation closed-loop control

Rotary speed of sample holder

Revolution 5rpm   rotation 180/rpm

Sample clamp


External Dimensions

930x610x 1800mm