James-heal Sample Cutters / GSM Cutter
James-heal Sample Cutters / GSM Cutter SPEC

James-heal Sample Cutters /GSM Cutter

Product Information 
Brand: James-heal

James-heal Sample Cutters,Circular Cutter

Virtually any type of material can be cut, including woven, nonwoven and knitted textiles, carpet, film, foam, paper and board.

The cutters can handle material thicknesses up to about 5mm. If you need more, Model 230/100(C) incorporates heavy duty blades and can cut specimens up to approximately 10mm thick.

If in doubt, send us some material for evaluation.Cut specimens are weighed to determine the weight per unit area of the material or specimens are cut to a particular diameter in preparation for some other form of testing.
Subject to quantity, we can offer any diameter between 38mm and 140mm. Diameters outside this range are not ractical. The standard sizes are shown in the table below.

Certificates of Calibration are available to confirm the cutting accuracy of these instruments.
We supply suitable digital balances for weighing the cut specimens in either g/m2 or oz/yd2.

Different Sizes
Model         Specimen Area       Specimen Diameter
230/10           10cm2                         36mm
230/50           50cm2                         80mm
230/100         100cm2                      113mm
230/103*       1/100thyd2                    103mm
230/38           12cm2                         38mm
230/140         154cm2                      140mm
230/100(C)    100cm2                       113mm
*Weigh the specimen in ounces and multiply the result by 100 to obtain oz/yd