Germany NCTE Torque Sensors
Non Contact Rotary Torque Sensor for test laboratory and production lines. Bidirectionally in real time statically and dynamically. Maintenance-free and cheap.
Most cost-effective entry into professional measurement technology. Transmitted torque is measured bidirectional and independent statically and dynamically.
Simple measurements of test samples and accurate monitoring of processes can be measured bidirectionally independent from rotational speed.
Integrated torque and rotational speed measurement, high maximal rotational number and high resolution. The best shaft torque transducers.
Based on magnetic field and non-contact measurement principle the sensor works totally maintenance-free over a wide temperature range.
The coupling particularly distinguishes of low price and high robustness and fit very well in applications like servo motors in tool machines, automation technology,
Makes the torque and angle-measurement easier. High robustness against mechanical and thermal influences for agriculture and forestry industry
The optional read-out unit provides both the torque- and angle-measurement on display, data storage on integrated SD-card automatically.
In able to register high bending and axial forces without any impact on the torque signal. High maximal rotational number and wide signal bandwidth
Optimizes the performance of E-bikes (pedelecs). A torque sensor integrated into the bottom bracket or middle motor continuously measures.
Read Out Unit is a multifunctional readout unit dedicated for the NCTE torque sensors. One unit can be connected with one torque sensor.
Plug and play via the USB cable moffered with the NCTE sensor and you can start your measurement immediately.