Sphere Spectrophotometer
NS800 spectrophotometer uses the principle of combination LED precision spectroscopy, separates the light according to a certain wavelength interval, and adopts groups of sensor array to perform sensi
Measure sample spectra, accurate Lab data , can be used in color matching and accurate color transmission
Description: CA22 is a portable spectrophotometer designed to give fast and precise color measurement on materials ranging from paper and paint to plastics and textiles.
The Ci6x family of handheld spectrophotometers — Ci60, Ci62, Ci64 & Ci64UV is a performance-driven solution for managing color at any stage of production, and gives manufacturers a whole new level
NEW Compact portable spectrophotometer with wireless communication and color LCD screen
- This is a digital spectrophotometer which can measure both SCI and SCE. - Long-lived, reliable; convenient maintaining design. - Digital UV control - Multi-angle measurement and easy operat
This unit is a desktop spectrophotometer with accurate color measuring system. By using the PCQC color management software, CM3600d can help you to achieve more requirements on color control matters.
HP200 portable sphere spectrophotometer, designed by Tsing Hua University, can measure the values of L, a, b, ΔL, Δa, Δb and ΔE.
A reliable and accurate benchtop spectrophotometer that serves as the foundation for operations seeking to establish a color control program or one looking to improve an existing program that currentl
The SP60 is an affordable sphere spectrophotometer, designed to give fast, precise and accurate color measurement information on materials ranging from paper and paint to plastics and textiles.
YS6010 has many features, like 7 inches TFT capacitive touch screendisplay, full illuminants, reflective d/8 and transmissive.
YS3060 grating spectrophotometer features UV, SCI/SCE, USB / bluetooth, 8mm / 4mm switch aperture, etc.
YS3020 color spectrophotometer features customized aperture, optional is 8mm/4mm/1×3mm. High accuracy 0.04.
It features with stable performance, precise measurement and powerful functions in the leading position of the same industry.
Colorimeter,Color reader
NR60CP cost-effective colorimeter has the advantages of high accuracy, powerful function and precise measurement which are warmly welcomed by customers. Color Measurement Is So Easy
Double Locating: Illuminating locating and cross locating Double Measurement End Face: Large area measurement and small area measurement New Integrating Sphere Design: More stable measurement Equip
Precision colorimeter WF30 is based on the International Commission on Illumination CIE relevant standards, national standards developed and produced through the National Measurement SCM certified pro
●High-end color difference meter WF32 to fill the gaps in the field of color difference meter high repeat accuracy, repeatability of Δ<0.03; ●High-end color difference meter WF32 with 8 standard
The colorimeter for plastic, surface treatment, painting, printing, toys, clothing, building materials, rubber, leather, glass, household appliances, printing and dyeing industry, color quality contro
WF28 colorimeter with competitive price, has these advantages of being easy to operate, easy to understand, affordable and so on. WF28 only have one measuring light source (D65); two kinds of color mo
WF30 colorimeter is a high precision, high stability, versatile colorimeter. WF30 has three measuring light sources (D50, D65 and F11), two color modes (CIE1976LAB, CIELCH), a color difference formula
The colorimeter used in textile, printing and dyeing, clothing, footwear, leather, chemicals, plastics, plastics, pigments,paints, inks, printing, metal, photography, toys, etc. The color quality cont
-Automatic correction when starting up (national patent) -Environmental, low energy consumption instrument, high capacity lithium battery -Comfortable observation with real color screen display -E
WR-18 includes 3 switchable calibers (4mm/8mm/40mm) is a specially designed, high performance precision colorimeter, caliber 4mm can apply on small area, cambered and other special surface, caliber 8m
1.Simple, convenient and easy-use. 2.Portable and handhold design; Light weight (360g); Available to connect with a printer; Norm power supply and Battery power supply all available. 3.Favorable
Easy operation make you use it easily Widely applied to quality control of plastic and printing industries’ Display directly color difference by △E*ab、△L*a*b、CIE_L*a*b、CIE_L*C*h Standard devi
WF32 colorimeter is a high precision, high stability, versatile colorimeter. WF32 has eight kinds of measuring light source (A, D50, D65, C, F2, F7, F11 and F12); six kinds of color modes (CIE1976LAB,
NR200 is synthesized the advantages of ten more traditional imported colorimeters and has experienced ten thousands tests and applied many innovative technologies.
NR145 is a precision colorimeter with 45°/0°. It can measure accurately in 45° illumination /0° receiving under the SCE mode.
NR20XE with φ20mm extended aperture and stable end face can test surface stripe and wet products.