Sound Level Meter/5KHz Vibration Meter/Noise Dose Meter
1.Fast, Slow, Impulse 2.Frequency range: 31.5Hz ~8KHz. 3.Measurement range: 30dB~130dB. 4.Dynamic range:100dB. 5.A/C/Z frequency. 6.Storage up to 37,000 records. 7.USB interface. 8.AC and DC ou
1.Comply with IEC-61672-1 2002 Class 2 2.Fast, Slow, Impulse. 3.Frequency range: 20Hz ~8KHz. 4.Measurement range: 30dB~130dB. 5.Dynamic range:100dB. 6.A/C/Z frequency 7.Storage up to 37,000 rec
1.Display Range : 30-90dB ; 50-110dB ; 70-140dB. 2.Test Range : 41-86dB, 55-106dB and 75-125dB. 3.Frequency Weighting : A ; C ; Z. 4.Perform OSHA and IEC Noise accumulation surveys. 5.Six built-in
1.Wide frequency range of 10Hz to 5KHz 2.Acceleration, velocity and displacement measurement 3.Meets ISO2954 sensor for accurate measurement 4.Vibration sensor with magnetic adapter on1.2M (47.2) c
1.Setting standard sound level at 94dB and 114dB. 2.According Standard ANSI S1 4-1984 and IEC 942 1988 Class 2 3.1/2 inch microphone adapters provided. 4.Low battery indicator. 5.Class 2 Dual L
1.IEC 61672, Type II 2.30~130dB. 3.LO, MED, HI ranges. 4.AC/DC signal output.
1.30~130dB. 2.Auto Ranging. 3.LO, MED, HI ranges. 4.3 1/2 digits LCD display with maximum reading of 2000. 5.Baclit LCD 6.Test ranges: 30~130dB. 7.LO: 30~80dB 8.MED: 50~100dB 9.HI: 80~130dB 1
1.IEC 61672, Type II 2.USB Datalogger with 14,000 records. 3.Auto Ranging. 4.30~130dB. 5.LO, MED, HI ranges. 6.3-1/2 digits LCD display with maximum reading of 2000. 7.Backlit LCD